Why CorpRAS?

At CorpRAS we follow a resource based, extensive approach in order to cater to the requirements posed by the organization. Our large database helps us in this regard. With able software at our disposal, we make sure that we manage to short list the prospects in the best and fastest possible manner. Apart from that, we also possess an efficient team, who are endlessly on the lookout for capable candidates to fulfil any future demands.

The screening process is thorough and rigorous. We go through the prospective profiles, using our specialized software, in no time and only the best sets of candidates are selected. Also, we plan to actively socialize in the various online platforms available, hoping to act as an interface in order to connect the vacancies with the suitable candidates.

For the candidates, the long list of vacancies is listed and updated from time to time. They can even apply for the job, and upload their resume on the website for receiving updates regarding the job opening.

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Salient Features

Entire Process -

from receiving the requirements from the clients till the closing of the position(s) is software based
  • Reduces the cycle time of recruitment
  • Online access provided to the client to monitor the real time process
  • Avoids unnecessary communication and delay

Service at a Competitive Cost

  • Speedy process to avoid disruption of operations at client end
  • Passing on the benefits of reduced overheads strategy to the client

Comprehensive Database of Candidates

  • Huge updated database of candidates of all levels
  • Access to various Job Portals

Strong Social Media Presence

  • Regular updates in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Video and audio blogs
  • Periodical articles
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Customer Centric Team

  • Team of dedicated recruiters for IT/Non IT requirements
  • Three-layer escalation matrix
  • Priority recruitments to meet immediate requirements

Reliable Candidate and Client Management System

  • Updated information to clients and candidates

Efficient Feedback and Problem Centre

  • Prompt feedback mechanism
  • 24x7 client support
  • Systematic corrective and preventive action report to the client

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Corporate recruitment has indeed come of age. The present scenario is demanding and this calls for an efficient service, coupled with a keen eye for talent acquisition. Likewise, today’s corporate...

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