High Package Jobs

High Package Jobs

We often read news about people getting high package jobs in lakhs and crore from different esteemed companies. Have you ever thought
what makes them eligible for this and what are those jobs which have high pay scales. The qualification, knowledge, Institute and the

attitude of the candidate are the things that get a high paying job. There are various companies and government organizations that pay top
most salary to deserving people. A lucrative job is expected by each and every individual.
So lets see what are the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India:


1.) Management Professionals:

Though there are large number of small time b-schools offering degrees in management but those coming from premier institutes such as
IIMs, IITs, XLRI, FMS, IIFT and Symbiosis earn higher salaries, enjoy more significant jobs roles and fast-track career paths. Generally
they start their career as Management Trainee and undergo 6 months-1 year of extensive training. Most of the big companies have well-
structured training programs for the new recruits to groom them into future leadership positions. The pre-placement offers are made on the
campus with pay packages as high as INR 20-24 Lakhs per Annum. Financial services and management consulting firms are the top recruiters
for the talent. The lowest salary packages are also to the tune of INR 7-9 Lakhs per Annum.
Here are the Highest Paying Jobs after MBA

2.) Investment Bankers:

The career of an investment banker generally follows a standard path with five levels including Analyst, Associate, Vice President,
Director and Managing Director. Salaries for the different levels look something like this – INR 5-9 Lakhs per Annum for Analyst, INR 7-13
Lakhs per Annum for Associate and INR 10-40 Lakhs per Annum for Vice President. The popular employers are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase,
Deutsche Bank, Globeop Financial Services Ltd and HSBC.

Career in investment banking

3.) IT & Software Engineers:

For a trainee software engineer who is a fresh college pass out the salary falls somewhere between INR 1.5 to 2.5 Lakhs per Annum. This
increases as one climbs up the career ladder – with a figure of INR 3.0 to 6.0 Lakhs per Annum for software engineer/programmer analysts,
INR 4.5 – 10.0 Lakhs per Annum for senior software engineer, INR 6.0 – 13.0 Lakhs per Annum for project lead and INR 8.0 – 19.0 Lakhs per
Annum for program manager. In addition to the high salaries, there is lot of international assignments which requires travel to different
countries for the talented ones. One has to keep oneself constantly updated with the newer skills and emerging technologies so as not to
become an obsolete resource.
Highest paid IT jobs in India.

4.) Chartered Accountants:

Based on the personal strengths and aspirations one can choose from the numerous opportunities available for a fresh CA. A chartered
accountant can work in different areas of financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy. They
have to be the certified members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). E&Y, Deloitte, PWC and ICICI Bank are some of
the good pay masters for CA jobs in India. A fresh CA can earn anything between INR 5-7 Lakhs per Annum. With the increase in the number
of years and depth of experience the salaries also increase to as high as INR 18-24 Lakhs per Annum for those with additional MBA degree
in finance.
Here is complete details about Chartered Accountant Careers and Jobs.

5.) Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals:

At entry level, one can expect a salary of around INR 3.5 to 6 Lakhs per Annum. In India, there is lot of jobs in PSUs such as ONGC, IOCL
and Bharat Petroleum for those looking at job security. PSUs offer salaries as per Sixth Pay commission with additional perks and
benefits. The salaries are sky high in private sector with top employers such as British Gas, Reliance Energy, Halliburton, Schlumberger
and Shell. Those with 5-6 years of experience and graduating from premier institutions with high degrees earn as high as INR 15-20 Lakhs
per Annum.

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