The Science Of Making First Impressions In Your Workplace

The Science Of Making First Impressions In Your Workplace

The Science Of Making First Impressions In Your Workplace

It is an undeniable fact that in this millennium of fast paced work environment, it is indeed critical to make an everlasting first impression. Ask any HR manager and you’ll be told that a quick glance, not lasting more than anywhere between three to six seconds is enough to distinctly evaluate and form an opinion about an employee. And even a microsecond’s self-doubt could put your whole career in jeopardy. So, what do you do? Read on to find out!

An entrepreneur once said that “As a newcomer, your every expression forms a pressing impression on the employers.” The first encounters set the tone for your future endeavours in the organization and hence here are ways that you can kick start your first meeting in the sixth gear.


Kindness Never Runs Late and Neither Should You’

Is it the twenty first century? Doesn’t matter. Being on time never losses out its sheen. Nobody wants to hear a petty excuse of yours to affect them in any way. Try to show them that you value their company and the job and try to be on time, if not well ahead of it.


‘Let’s put some smile in there, shall we?

As a newcomer, you may well be forced to take up a few chores that you may not be comfortable with in the entirety. Don’t let it show on you. Instead, do it with all you’ve got. Remember that talent can only give you an opportunity, but only the right attitude can take you to greater heights.

Right Body Language

Communicate with your eyes, body and then the mouth’

Most experts believe that body language is an extremely crucial, yet the most neglected part of any communication. Standing tall, making an eye contact, with a courteous smile can relay the message that you are extremely confident and self-assured.

A Champion Smile

“Smile and the world smiles too”

It is natural that most of us feel nervous while meeting someone for the first time and it translates into sweaty palms and a few jitters, at worse. Try to keep those under check and there’s no better way to do that than hiding it all with a confident, reassuring smile. On the downside, you don’t want to creep the person out with a nervous smile. So, keep it subtle and pleasant.

Hope we’ve covered the basic science of first impression. But keeping all that aside, remember to greet anybody with a confident and a firm handshake. Not so firm that you hear their bone click, but just enough to show that you're confident. Also, sometimes it is best if you don’t let the situations get you and handle your first meeting with your own intuitive style. Cheers!

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