Permanent Staffing/Headhunting Process

The whole concept of talent recruitment and HR services, is perceived by us as our contribution to the society. By providing the right individual to the right job, we consider ourselves as a responsible unit, entrusted with an important job of recruitment and consequently, organizational upliftment. For consistently catering to our client’s requirements, we, at CorpRAS, realized that a steady process model was necessary, which could make our approach more streamlined and systematic. Hence resulting in our very own,Hepta-C Process methodology, where C stands for CorpRAS.

The Hepta-C Process

As the name indicates, we follow a seven step procedure for recruitment of individuals for any post. Although the whole process is a cycle in itself, we have divided the whole process further into Central Process and Auxiliary Process.

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Under the Central Process


We realize that any client’s requirement is a matter of urgent importance. Hence, our tracking system enables candidate sourcing from multiple platforms. We also understand that delivering the right candidates at the earliest of time is the core purpose of our company and hence, the Central Process forms the basis of our operations.

Under the Auxiliary Process

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